Beyond Fire

Humankind has been using fire to cook, to heat buildings, and for power transportation for centuries. Recently, this has led to existential challenges, such as the climate crisis, environmentally related diseases, and polluted air in overcrowded cities. Fortunately, we have the means to overcome these threats by transitioning to renewable energy and by using energy much better.

Modern buildings come with much higher comfort due to large windows facing the sun and require 10 times less energy for heating. Interestingly, this also pays off financially, even in the case of renovation! The cost of photovoltaic panels have dropped drastically making roof top electricity production profitable. It brings satisfaction to produce one's own electricity powering your car or e-bike, with zero environmental footprint! Alternatively, trains are usually driven by electricity and thus can easily consume green energy. Additionally, riding on public transport means free personal time.

According to the Paris Agreement limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, emissions of greenhouse gases, most prominently carbon dioxide, need to be reduced to zero by 2050. So burning fossil fuels as well as biomass are inherently dirty, albeit for different reasons. This is why it is time to enter a new age of energy supply - without using fire.

Everyone has a responsibility for his or her personal environmental impact. Make no mistake, your children may one day ask you if you cared on the side effects of your life. Take action now and be among the pioneers practicing a sustainable lifestyle in the 21st century!